A Brief Bio on Our Team of Art Conservators

As professional art conservators, we restore, conserve and analyze artifacts and works of art. Our career path requires a tremendous amount of knowledge and continuous education, as our industry is continuously evolving. As such, we always keep up with the latest technologies and best practices utilized in our field.

Our art conservators have a vast array of specialties related to the types of artwork we treat...such as paintings, books, sculptures or fabrics. Some of our conservators work as employees in art museums while some simply provide services to museums as freelancers. Some of our art conservators also may supervise other employees, especially during any type of delicate project involving knowledge in conservation science.

Nearly all of our art conservators have a master's degree in art conservation or a closely related discipline. We pride ourselves on our strong analytical, critical-thinking and organizational skills which are imperative in our line of work. Additionally, each of our conservators possesses the necessary physical strength needed to raise, stretch and lift heavy art objects while working on them.

Furthermore, we are also well-versed with the techniques used to run chemical tests and analyze x-rays and are skilled working with microscopes and other lab equipment. We are at the cutting-edge in our industry and eager to take on the most challenging of conservation projects.