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821. Frederick Oakes Sylvester (1869–1915) was a versatile artist who captured the spirit of the Southeastern United States in paintings, murals, and poems. Born in Massachusetts, Sylvester trained as an artist at the Massachusetts Normal School and spent most of his life in New Orleans, where he taught at Newcomb College. Sylvester exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and the New Orleans Art Association and won medals and prizes from the St. Louis Exposition of 1904 and the Society of Western Artists’ Exhibition of 1906. These large-scale paintings are owned by the University of Missouri Museum of Art, Columbia, Missouri.

Frederick Sylvester "Call of Spring"
H. 90" x W. 54" Before Treatment

Frederick Sylvester "The Stream"
H. 90" x W. 54" Before Treatment

822. Arthur Bowen Davies (1862-1928) began formal art training with a private instructor and studied in Chicago, New York City, and Europe. In 1908 he exhibited with The Eight, a group of artists who opposed traditional academic art, and in 1913 was a major organizer for the Armory Show in New York, which brought different types of modern art to the public. His art was mysterious, often based on dreams, and portrayed beautiful, fantastic scenes populated with elegant nudes. The below five oils are owned by the Memphis Brooks Museum, Memphis, Tennessee.

Arthur Davies "Leda"
H. 14" x W. 28" Before

Arthur Davies "Autumn"
H. 18" x W. 30" Before

Arthur Davies "Nude"
H. 14" x W. 30" Before

Anon. "Joseph Tagg"
H. 30" x W. 25" Before Treatment

Anon. "Matilda Walker"
H. 30" x W. 25" Before Treatment

823. Karl King (1891-1971) was a reknown bandmaster composing works for Barnum and Bailey and Buffalo Bill’s Wildwest show. He became bandmaster for the Sells-Floto Circus in 1915 and was bandmaster of the Barnum and Bailey Circus band 1917–1918. King composed more than 300 works and 188 marches. The imaged painting is owned by the Karl King Historical Collection, Fort Dodge, Iowa.

C. Sigmund "Karl King"
H. 28" x W. 22" Before Treatment

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