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816. William P. Welsh (1889-1984) was an illustrator, portrait painter, and muralist. He grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and studied with Mary Kinkead, at the Art Students League, and at the Academie Julian, Paris. He was a member of the Society of Illustrators in New York City. Welsh won numerous prizes and medals for his work, exhibiting at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Price "Robert Crockett"
H. 27" x W. 22" Before

Welsh "Burlesque Queen"
H. 72" x W. 38" Before

Price "Waiting for K. Axe"
H. 22" x W. 27" Before

817. Born in St. Louis, Thomas Allen (1849 -1924 was a painter especially known for landscape and animal subjects. He settled in Boston where he chaired the faculty of the Boston Museum School of Drawing and Painting and was also President of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Allen was the son of a Congressman.  He studied art in his home town of St. Louis, Missouri at Washington University and then traveled widely. In 1869, he went to the Rocky Mountains with one of his professors, and in 1871 was in Ecouen, a suburb of Paris, France.  The next year he enrolled at the Royal Academy of Dusseldorf, Germany, and remained until his graduation in 1877. In 1878, he traveled again to the West and also to Texas before returning to France. Before his death in 1924 he became president of the board of trustees of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The imaged oil is owned by the Hunter Museum of American Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Thomas Allen "Evening Market"
H. 38" x W. 59" Before Treatment

818. Robert Cignani (1894-1975) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples where he was a pupil of Michele Cammarano, Edoardo Dalbono, and Vincenzo Volpe. He successfully exhibited in Rome and in Naples, where he became one of the most acclaimed painters of the time. He also completed several church murls in Italy. The below oils are from the collection of Culver Academy, Culver, Indiana.

Roberto Cignani "Still Life"
H. 23" x W. 31" Before Treatment

Hilda Kayn "And They Followed Him"
H. 30" x W. 42" Before Treatment

During Cleaning

After Treatment

819. The imaged painting is owned by the Black Point Historic Site, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Illegible "Alma Peterson"
H.42" x W. 34" After Treatment

820. Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, has a fine collection of 19th century paintings. This portrait is done after an original by El Greco.

Anon. "Portrait of Man" (After El Greco)
H. 32" x W. 20" Before Treatment

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