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To Museums And Non-Profit Organizations


  1. Participating Institutions and Treatment Images
  2. Case Studies
  3. Selected Artists
  4. Newspaper and Magazine Articles

  All conservation services carried out at no charge.

2016 On-going inventory and treatment images.

2015 153 paintings for 40 institutions.

2014 135 paintings for 32 institutions.
  2013 165 paintings for 37 institutions.
  2012 134 paintings for 34 institutions.
  2011 146 paintings for 37 institutions.
  2010 139 paintings for 32 institutions.
  2009 173 paintings for 37 institutions.
  2008 158 paintings for 39 institutions.
  2007 135 paintings for 34 institutions.
  2006 122 paintings for 34 institutions.
  2005 117 paintings for 31 institutions.
  2004 95 paintings for 40 institutions.


2014 Solving the Cranach Mystery...well, almost

The above Case Study was accepted into the

Cranach Digital Archive, Düsseldorf, Germany.

  2012 The Demise of Mary Lincoln: An Artistic Conspiracy


The New York Times wrote a front-page story,

Mrs. Lincoln I Presume,

on the above Case Study.

  2010 Dutch Orphans Reunited by Charles August Ficke
  2009 Historical Rewards: A Dutch and a Flemish Discovery
  2008 Sir Joshua Reynolds: Original, Copy, or Studio Version
  2007 Thomas Sully's, "Portrait of George Washington"
  2006 John Singer Sargent's 1887, "Port. of Lucius Fairchild"
  2005 A 1938 "Portrait of Adolf Hitler" by Heinrich Knirr
  2004 Ralph Clarkson's, "Port. of John Altgeld"

  Albert Blakelock Sanford Gifford  
  Rosa Bonheur Daniel Ridgeway Knight  
  Gerard Ter Borch Heinrich Knirr  
  Eugène Boudin Joan Mitchell  
  William Bouguereau Theodore Robinson  
  William Bradford John Singer Sargent  
  William Merritt Chase T.C. Steele  
  Ralph Clarkson Thomas Sully  
  Camille Corot Henry Ossawa Tanner  
  Sir Anthony van Dyck John Henry Twachtman  
  John Neagle Frank Dudley  
  Jules Dupré Rudolph Weisenborn  
  Felix Ziem John Hesselius  
  Diaz de la Peña Sir Joshua Reynolds  
  Grant Wood Maurice Utrillo  
  Guy Pène du Bois George Caleb Bingham  
  G. P. A. Healy Gustave Courbet  
  Théodore Géricault Thomas Moran  
  Luca Giordano Salvator Rosa  
  Charles Daubigny Gustave Doré  
  Frans Snyders Lucas Cranach the Elder

Nov. 2016 Des Moines Register. "Hoyt Sherman Place Masterpiece Restored"

July 2016 Valley News, Vermont. "Art Notes: Portrait Restored"

May 2016 The University of Chicago. "Protecting the Past"

May 2016 Wisconsin Historical Society. "Painting Conservator Donates Restoration Skills"

May 2016 Pella Chronicle. "Bauman to Present Program on Pella's Dutch Master"

May 2016 Des Moines Register. "The Best of Arts"

May 2016 The Iowa Museum Association. "Learn How Conservators Saved a Historic Iowa Masterpiece"

Mar. 2016 Museum. The University of Missouri Museum of Art and Archaeology. "Cleaning an Old Master"

Dec. 2015 Janesville Art League Welcomes Public to View Museum-Quality Collection.

Oct. 2015 CBS Evening News. "The 'Priceless' Work of One Chicago
Art Conservator" and Related Video.

Oct. 2015 Pella Chronicle. "Nollen's Work on Display..."

Sept. 2015 The New York Times AP. "Illinois Man Refurbishes..."
and Related Video.

Aug. 2015 Baraboo News Republic. "Better Face on Battered Barnum"

Aug. 2015 Iowegian. "Lincoln Scholars to Speak at Conference"

Mar. 2015 Iowa St. Univ. "Conservator's Services on the House"

Jan. 2015 Wisc. St. Journal. "Conservator Gives Priceless Donation"

Dec. 2014 The Wisc. Hist. Society. "The Remarkable Work and..."

Dec. 2014 Indianapolis Star. "Restoration Reveals Stunning Find"

Nov. 2014
Beloit Daily News. Art Restorer to Speak at Beloit College

Mar. 2014 Beloit College Magazine. "The Restorers"

Jan. 2014 Georgetown News "Church's  Painting Gets Restored"
  Nov. 2013 Des Moines Register. "Before and After-- Sherman Place"
  Oct. 2012 Forest Leaves "Conservator to Discuss Lincoln Forgery"
  Oct. 2012 Wed. Journal "Conservator Says Lincoln Portrait is a Fake"
  July 2012 Forest Leaves "Conservator Restores Beloved Painting"
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  Aug, 2011 Cass County Star Gazette: "Hidden in Plain Sight"
  June, 2011 The State Journal-Register: "Local Art Mystery Solved"
  June. 2011 Springfield Association: "Important Signature Discovered.."
  Nov. 2010 Fayette Union: "Restored Paintings Return to Montauk"
  Mar. 2010 Marquette Tribune: "From Piece of Work to Work of Art"
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  Aug. 2006 Lincoln Library Press Release, Springfield, Illinois
  Aug. 2006 Springfield Journal Registrar: "Restored Paintings..."
  Aug. 2006 ABC, Channel 7, Chicago: "Conservator Restores Artwork."
  Aug. 2006 Dominican University: "Saving Grace"
  Aug. 2006 Catholic New World: "Restoration Brings Madonna..."
  July. 2006 The Chicago Tribune: "Fine Art Gleams..."
  July. 2006 Fort Wayne Museum of Art: "Barry Bauman Conservation"
  July. 2006 Oak Park Hist. Society: "Conservator Donates Services..."
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  April. 2006 Singing Winds: "Centennial Kickoff..."
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  May. 2004 Kenosha News: "Restoration in Progress"
  May. 2004 Illinois Heritage: "Twice Blessed"
  April. 2004 The Lake Forester: "Historic Painting Back on Wall"



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