Interested in Joining One of Our Participating Institutions?

If you’ve decided to embark on a career in art conservation, you may want to consider what specific kinds of art objects you want to specialize in. Conservation covers a vast selection of specialities including anything from antique pottery to military artifacts to ancient or historic architecture. The list is virtually endless.

The materials involved in such artwork are just as extensive...covering metals, fabrics, ceramic, wood, rock, and almost anything else you can think of.

Perhaps you're most interested in working on the conservation of historical clothing or classic automobiles, or maybe you want to concentrate more on oil paintings or artifacts from Asia. The opportunities for getting involved in different types of conservation projects is infinite!

We are eager to take on new students and help them apply their passion for conservation on real art projects in need of conservation. Over the decades, we’ve built relationships with dozens of participating institutions who utilize our services.

Now is the perfect time to join our team of conservators and begin networking with our many participating museums and institutions. We look forward to hearing from you.