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Thomas Sully's

"Portrait of George Washington"

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Other Washington Portraits
Washington's image at this time was in high demand and painters entertained a wide clientele seeking his portrait. Stuart made over 60 copies of his own portraits of Washington. Sully did the same. Records indicate that he made 21 portrait images of the first President. These were generally copies after Stuart originals. (28) Thirteen, attributed to Thomas Sully, are represented below. (29)


"George Washington"
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Minneapolis, Minnesota

"George Washington"
North Carolina Museum of History
Raleigh, North Carolina

"George Washington"
Virginia Historical Society
Richmond, Virginia

"George Washington"
Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Austin, Texas

"George Washington"
Thomas Sully/Thomas Wilcocks Sully
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"George Washington"
The Smart Museum of Art
Chicago, Illinois

Private Collection

"George Washington"
Mead Museum of Art
Amherst, Massachusetts

"Passage of Delaware"
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Boston, Massachusetts

"Washington Family"
Morristown National Historic Park
Morristown, New Jersey

"Equestrian Portrait of George Washington"
Union League of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Equestrian Portrait of George Washington"
Union League of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Washington at Dorchester Heights"
Washington County Museum of Fine Arts
Hagerstown, Maryland
(28) Biddle, 310-312. The list details 21 images from 1807-1871.
(29) The web site,, lists 18 extant Sully portraits of George Washington. The above 13 images were obtained through the courtesy of each institution or offered through their web sites. Of the remaining five images, two of the institutions could not verify the existence of their Sully, two did not reply to image requests and Rutgers University would not offer a complimentary image. The author expresses no opinion on the above attributions to Thomas Sully.

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