The Singing Winds
Newsletter of The Friends of T.C. Steele
State Historic Site

Spring 2006
Volume 9 No. 2

Centennial Kickoff Events
Scheduled This Fall
An exciting series of events is being planned to mark the 100th Anniversary of the founding of what is now the T.C. Steele State Historic Site.
In the Spring of 1907, T.C. Steele and his second wife, Selma Neubacher Steele, built the "House of the Singing Winds" which became a gathering place for artists from around the country. Many stayed to help form the Brown County Art Colony.
The celebration will be launched in dramatic fashion Sept. 8-9, 2006 with the participation of Barry Bauman, founder of the nation's first national conservation laboratory dedicated to providing complimentary conservation services to museums and non-profit organizations.
For the last several years, the Chicago area resident has worked to conserve numerous Steele paintings at no cost to the Friends of T.C. Steele for his services. The Friends have paid only for the materials needed to conserve the paintings.
Raising funds to finance the conservation and preservation of the 350 Steele paintings, willed to the State of Indiana by Steel's widow, has been the principle purpose of the Friends of T.C. Steele since its inception.
Some of the paintings Bauman has restored for the Friends of T.C. Steele include, "Still Life/Vase of Flowers," "Studio and Cottage," "Stream by a Pasture," "From the West Porch," "Brookville," "Melting Snow," "Curved Lane," and "October Day." Conservation materials for these eight paintings were paid for by the Friends of T.C. Steele through the Adopt a Painting program.
Bauman is the former Associate Conservator of Paintings for the Art Institute of Chicago and founded the Chicago Conservation Center which, at one time, was the largest facility of its kind in the nation. Bauman has worked on Renoirs, Picassos, and Monets. However, his work has also included flood-damaged paintings for the Chicago Historical Society and Works Progress Administration era murals for the Chicago Public Schools.
Bauman will participate in a series of events on September 7 and will serve as chief judge for the Great Outdoor Art Contest on Saturday, September 8.



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