West Union, Iowa.
 November 3, 2010
Restored Paintings Return to Montauk

 By Donna Storey
Three portraits by Colonel Freeman Thorpe were recently located in storage at Montauk. The paintings are of Gov. William Larrabee, Admiral Farragut and General Sherman. The unframed portraits wee in need of repair and have been restored to their original state by Barry Bauman of Barry Bauman Conservation in River Forest, Illinois. In 2004, Bauman left the private sector to establish America's first national conservation laboratory dedicated to offering complimentary conservation services to museums and nonprofit institutions. The restored paintings will be on display at Montauk during the winter Classics at Montauk concert series.
Freeman Thorpe (1844-1922) was especially noted for his portraits of political figures, most of them completed in Washington, D. C. Among his subjects were presidents Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford Hayes, James Garfield, Grover Cleveland, William Harrison, and William McKinley, and Generals William T. Sherman, Robert E. Lee and Philip Sheridan.
Colonel Thorpe toured many states, painting governors and favorite sons. It has been estimated that Thorpe painted at least one governor of all the 48 states in existence during his lifetime. He painted Gov. William Larrabee and his father, Adam Larrabee. By Thorpe's own account, he painted more than 600 portraits for public display. In addition to being an artist, he was a soldier (Company D of the 2nd Ohio Cavalry), officer, orator, politician (Speaker of the Ohio House), campaign manager, writer and farmer (northern Minnesota).
A painting of Anna Larrabee in 1903 by Antonin Sterba was also restored. Antonin Sterba studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Academy in Chicago. After receiving the Gold Medal of Honor at the Art Academy, he studied for several years in Paris. He was on the faculty of the Art Institute beginning in 1910.

Before Treatment

After Treatment
This painting of former Iowa Governor William Larrabee (shown before and after restoration) was among three paintings recently restored by Barry Bauman of River Forest, Illinois, and returned to Montauk



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