Barry Bauman Conservation
Barry Bauman is a rare individual who donates his specialized skill in painting conservation. The Fort Wayne Museum of Art has had the good fortune of working with him since 2005.
After thirty-three years of professional experience in the field of painting conservation at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Conservation Center, which he founded, Bauman established America's first national conservation laboratory dedicated to offering complimentary conservation services to museums and non-profit organizations. There is no charge for the hours of labor, just the materials necessary for the treatment.

Eleanor Brockenbrough "Drying Nets"
H. 16" X W. 17 3/4" Before Treatment

After Treatment
Bauman explains, "After selling my company, I realized I had an opportunity to make a contribution to non-profit organizations that are desperately in need of conservation assistance. In difficult economic times, funding for the Arts has traditionally been the first area to dissipate. Most museums and non-profits never seem to have the budget to cover conservation expenses. I would now like to service these critical preservation needs."
In the course of one year, Bauman has treated seven works for the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. We extend our sincere appreciation to Barry Bauman for providing an invaluable service that enables the museum to further its mission by preserving works of art benefiting the generations to come.



Barry Bauman Conservation
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