Conservator Restores Artwork

 By Harry Porterfield
August 29, 2006
ABC, Channel 7, News
Time and elements may have obscured the original look of the below painting, which was created 138 years, but Barry Bauman will restore it to the luster it once had. Bauman is an art conservator. "When I work on a painting, it's done completely analytically to match the original colors, to be as truthful as I can to the original artist -- not my own stylistic abilities" said Bauman. Bauman's River Forest studio reflects the extent of his work. Paintings he restored come from universities and museums from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan among others. Three years ago he sold his business and now works as a volunteer.

C.J. "Altau Synagogue, Prague" 1868
"There are lots of people who say I love my job so much I'd do it for nothing. And, I always say, 'How many people do you know? Well, I'm one of those people. I just absolutely love what I do,'" said Bauman. Bauman recently completed restoration for the Dominican University in River Forest on the below work called "Madonna of the of the Harpies." It was painted 100 years ago by two nuns. Amy McCormack University vice president said his donation was a financial blessing estimated at $10,000.

"Madonna of the Harpies" 1903
Re-created after Andrea del Sarto
"It will have lasting benefits for the university and a teaching tool for our students and that's all due to Barry being able to donate his services and really help us out," said McCormack. In the last three years he has restored 300 paintings for 70 institutions. "Understand that no one knows in the future who did the restoration work...conservators are invisible but my goal is to satisfy my own personal reward to make the originals shine again," said Bauman.



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